Obtaining A Work Permit In Dayton Ohio

A work permit, also known as an EAD (or Employment Authorization Document), is a document that authorizes a non-citizen of the United States to work and reside within the United States without first obtaining citizenship. Work permits do not affect an alien’s residential status, and only allow a holder to stay in the country for as long as the EAD remains valid.

Qualifying aliens include those who are “lawful permanent residents” (as defined by Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations), those admitted into the country as a legal temporary resident with previous employment authorization, those admitted as a parent or dependent child of a legal permanent resident, and the fiancé(e)s of non-immigrant U.S. citizens.

If you need assistance with obtaining a work permit in the Dayton, Cincinnati, or Cleveland, Ohio area, call Bill Abdallah. His many years’ of expertise in immigration law  and personal experience as an immigrant who obtained his United States’ citizenship will provide you with the best chance of achieving your goal of a work permit quickly and hassle-free.

Call for a consultation with one of the area’s premier immigration attorneys, and get started on obtaining your work permit in Dayton, Cincinnati, or Cleveland, Ohio right away.

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